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Electric Doors

Being able to raise or lower your garage door at the push of a button not only makes life easier it can make it safer. Being able for example to drive straight into your garage (lit up by the light on the operator) on a cold wet winters evening without having to get out of your car makes you feel safer, keeps you dry and means you dont have to fiddle around with those bunches of keys.

Over recent years the range of operators has expanded massively, they start from traditional chain operated units and go up to electronic belt operated units that are almost silent in operation, that from one small handset can also operate electric gates and even turn on the outsdie lights on the drive.

Choosing an operator

Take a look at the following list which shows most types of design of garage door, the description along side will explain what type of operator will be best suited. If you are in any doubt please contact us and we will be happy to help. If you wish to recieve a brochure on any of the products shown here we would be happy to send one in the post.