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Spare Parts

The range of parts available for garage doors is massive. We stock a very extensive range of parts for most makes of door and offer a very quick mailorder delivery service with most parts being dispatched the same day as the order.

Our parts are listed in order of garage door manufacturer, our Online Shop is coming very soon. If you dont know or cant find the manufacturer then please email or call us with as much information as you can from the list below and if possible send a photo of the parts required. We will then let you know price and availability of the parts you require.

Manufacturer, (usually listed on the door handle or on a label on the back of the door).
Door Model, (often listed on a label on the back of the door)
Size, (measure then opening that the door is fitted into i.e. width & height, this is espcially important if ordering springs)
Pattern, (For example does the door have an exterior horizontal lined pattern or perhaps georgian style squares)
Spring position, (doors either operate with weights or springs, if springs - are they to the side of the door or above the door and are they open to the air or enclosed in a box.)

Garage Security is now more important than ever before. We offer an extensive range of security products which are always kept in stock ready for dispatch or installation by ourselves. Our full range will be listed in our Online Shop which is coming very soon.. Please call us on 01934 812999 for more details or if you are looking for something in paticular.